Upcoming Events

August 10th 2021: Benefit Concert For The Moleta Family
WAVVY The Acoustic Set
April 13th 2021: Sing For Mo Virtual Benefit Concert
February 11th 2021: Uncle Bobby, Aunty Pat, & Krim Family
House Fire Relief Concert
January 13th 2021: Mao Family House Fire Relief Fundraiser
February 22nd: Jersey Party
December 14th: Ocean Creations Pop Up
December 5th to 12th: Toy Drive
December 7th: Sweet Enemy Pop Up at Velocity
November 2nd: Sketchphobia Pop Up
October 24th: The Bad Alliance Pop Up
September 28th: Sweet Enemy x Thankful Collab
August 10th: The Grand Opening


Founded by owner Drew Honda in 2013 honor of his grandma named Rose. The name Sweet Enemy visually and metaphorically explains her name and the impact of her loss on his life. The rose flower is simply beautiful and iconic for love and the thorns; show the enemy, the pain and the hurt that we all go through when we lose someone special in our lives. The slogan "Never Forget The Reason" exemplifies the true meaning of what inspires us to do the positive things in our lives. This brand brings honor to all of our loved ones who is not here with us today.